Kwik-Sil™ Properties

The properties of this bio-compatible surgical adhesive make it exceptionally useful for neuroscience applications,

peripheral nerve studies and similar biomedical applications. These silicone elastomers also eliminate the mess

and time involved in pre-mixing other commonly used formulations (such as Wacker SilGel® and Sylgard®).

Each silicone elastomer is packaged in a double barrel syringe and is automatically mixed when pressed out

of the mixer tip provided. It can then be applied directly to the issue without further mixing.

The curing time of these silicone adhesives is short, reliable and reproducible.

This eliminates potential costly guesswork when using other tissue adhesives. The curing process

does not produce any heat, which can cause tissue damage. WPI’s silicone elastomers are much less

toxic than dental silicone, because they contain no surfactant additives.

The silicone adhesive inside the syringes cannot be sterilized by any means including UV, gamma, H2O2, autoclaving or EtO.

The exterior and the tips can be immersed in or wiped with 70/30 alcohol or you can use a liquid sterilant

like Cidex OPA (WPI P/N 7364-4) or Rapicide OPA (WPI P/N 504611).

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