제목 PE & Silicone Tubings
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PE & Slicone Tubings

PE(Polyethylene) / HDPE(High Density Ployethylene) tube, with good fluidity,

High thermal stability and good flexibility, is widely used in the field of life science.

Currently, RWD has 9 types of PE tube and 1 type of silicone tube, including

The international standard tubes PR10, PE20 and PE50, which can be used in microdialysis,

Animal artery intubation, venous cannula, bile duct intubation, subcutaneous implantation

Of buried pipe, lateral ventricle buried pipe, portal vein intubation and so on.

These tubes can be used together with syringe, guide cannula, microdialys connector and luer stubs.

Order information:

1. 62320: PE Tubing-0.85*0.42mm,pkg of 10m

2. 62321: PE Tubing (HDPE)-0.85*0.42mm, pkg of 10m

3. 62322: PE Tubing-0.50*0.25mm, pkg of 10m

4. 62323: PE Tubing-1.00*0.50mm, pkg of 10m

5. 62324: PE10 Tubing-0.61*0.28mm, pkg of 10m

6. 62325: PE20 Tubing-1.09*0.38mm, pkg of 10m

7. 62326: PE25 Tubing-0.91*0.46mm, pkg of 10m

8. 62327: PE50 Tubing-0.97*0.58mm, pkg of 10m

9. 62328: PE60 Tubing-1.20*0.80mm, pkg of 10m

10. 62329: PE Tubing-1.50*0.50mm, pkg of 10m

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