제목 Standard Optopatcher for Current Axon Patch Clamps, AXU

Standard Optopatcher for Current Axon Patch Clamps, AXU

Compatible with any Axon headstage utilizing a threaded collar, this holder features a suction port,

a 99.99% pure 0.010 in. silver wire, and a standard (100mm) fiber optic cannula.

The diameter of the polycarbonate holder is 0.5 in. 

The fiber supplied in the Optopatcher needs to be cut to final length

for proper fitting witin the patch pipette. Previous work by the Optoatcher developers

determined that the fiber end did not need any special tip treatment for effective light transmission.

 A blunt cut non-polished fiber end could elicit biological responses provided

the fiber end was positioned near the end of the pipette.

We recommend that first time Optopatcher purchasers also purchase one of our ruby blade knives

(if your lab don’t already have one).

Need a light source for your optopatcher?

Order the LSD-1 along with the 726525 fiberoptic light guide for a complete system.

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