제목 Hot Bead Sterilizers

This sterilizer provides a safe, effective and convenient method for sterilizing your

surgical instruments prior to surgery or tissue culture. Without using potentially

dangerous gases, flames or chemicals, you can ensure that your instruments will be

free of pathogens and microbial contaminants. The beads take 15-20 minutes to
reach 240°C to 270°C (464°F to 518°F), and then

the sterilizer is ready for use. The temperature is thermostatically maintained, and

the unit can be left on all day. Instruments require approximately 20 seconds of contact

with the beads for complete sterilization. The sterilizer is safe to use even in laminar flow hoods.

Available in 110V and 220V.
Instruments not included.

Keyword: Surgical instruments, tool, fst, fine science tools

카테고리 surgery tool